About us

More years in good health

The Health Technology Research and Innovation Cluster (HTRIC) is rethinking the future of healthcare. We bring academic research, health technology and clinical practice together to tackle the challenges faced by today’s healthcare system. Our aspiration? More healthy years of life for the people around us!

Through our research, we will foster new developments that support healthy ageing and longevity, while improving people’s quality of life and making healthcare more efficient. We focus on the entire innovation chain: from societal and clinical demands to groundbreaking innovations and first-in-human application. 

We are HTRIC

Our aim is to speed up innovation through the interplay of knowledge development, health technology development and business development. By linking researchers, businesses and external professionals, we want to develop technologies that will continue to improve and transform our healthcare system. This is what HTRIC stands for.

Our ambition

Health technology for more healthy years of life! 

Driven by our wish to collaborate as equals, HTRIC provides a cross-border playing field where researchers come together to work towards this ambition.

Our dream

Together we will stimulate, innovate and create to increase healthy longevity for people from all walks of life.

Our values

We embrace curiosity

Curious people are of key importance to us. By combining different blood groups, we aim to unlock the human capital that forms the foundation of our health technology network. We are the open-minded translators, the human keys who are eager to find out how different takes on a challenge coincide – how individual fragments combine into one solid whole!

We design solutions 

We enhance knowledge and are convinced that serendipity can be manifested by creating conditions for mapping out the unexplored areas of health technology. Together we are paving the way to sustainable solutions which we will continue to benefit from. Our own creativity plays a pivotal role in unlocking future potential.

We create impact

We thrive on the impact generated by our curiosity-driven solutions. That is why we are determined to let as many people as possible experience the practical benefits of our future-proof solutions in health technology.