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Leverage the opportunities of intellectual property
As leader of a starting health tech company, your focus is on developing an innovative idea into a successful product or service. At the same time, you want to ensure the endurance of your company through a good funding position. Potential investors may ask you questions, like “How will you deal with competition once your idea takes off?”, “How will you stay in control of your unique innovation?”In your response, you want to show that your company has a solid strategy when it comes to intellectual property (IP). For example: “We have applied for a patent for our technical solution”, “Our database is managed as a trade secret”, “Trademark registration protects our brand”. But what is the best IP-strategy for your company? And how will you put that strategy into action?

A challenging game
Unfortunately, some start-ups struggle due to avoidable IP pitfalls. For example, sharing your technical idea with outsiders too early can preclude a valid patent. A rushed client contract may prevent you from using data generated by your system. Trademark registration may be refused if your company or product name is too descriptive. Indeed, the IP game can seem rather complex for newcomers, but it is full of opportunities for those who play it well. For most established health tech companies, a strong IP position is essential to their ongoing success.

The experts at V.O Patents & Trademarks have extensive experience in supporting health tech start-ups with early management of IP. Understanding your unique ambitions and priorities is the starting point for our tailored advice. If and when needed, we can take action to improve and maintain your company’s IP position. All of this is done in close collaboration with you. Ready to start your IP conversation? Make an appointment with Annemiek Tepper, Teun van den Heuvel, or one of our many other experts. Our initial advice for health tech start-ups is always free of charge.

If you’re looking for a general introduction to an IP-related topic, also check out our free webinars. For example, the webinar ‘Patent database and research’ explains how to use publicly available patent information. The webinar ‘Collaborations, NDAs and confidentiality’ explains how you can collaborate in a safe and responsible manner. Interested in trademark registration? Yes, we have a webinar for that too!

V.O. Patents & Trademarks

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