Research Centre Biobased Economy

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Our research offers practical solutions to complex problems in the fields of health technology and biorefinery.
The Research Centre Biobased Economy researches new biobased products, sustainable production processes and improved business models. We do this in cooperation with companies and other knowledge institutions.


Production chain and its consequences
Our fields of research are diverse, as a transition to a biobased economy comprised multiple fields and industries. We look at the entire production chain and its consequences. For instance, in the design phase of a product, we take into account the raw materials and components used and whether they can be reused or recycled. We also look at chemical or industrial production processes and whether they can be more sustainable and pollute less. We look at plant-based foods and their effect on our health. And our research into data science helps us to improve the efficiency of our processes.

Part of our team are the researchers Dr Jeffrey Buter, Dr André Heeres and Dr Janneke Krooneman.

Research Centre Biobased Economy

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Jeffrey Buter

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