Leefstijl Straat


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Expertise center where health professionals join forces

De LeefstijlStraat in Emmen provides support to individuals striving for a healthier life through personal empowerment. De LeefstijlStraat believes that self-management of health will receive increasing attention in the coming years and will become more commonplace in our society. In this context, knowledge and effective guidance when needed are essential. Embracing a comprehensive perspective on health, it aligns with Machteld Huber’s Positive Health model. The initiative recognizes that active participation in society, finding meaning, and cultivating self-respect are just as crucial as maintaining a nutritious diet and engaging in regular physical activity. HTRIC shares this vision for more healthy years.

Behaviour and knowledge development

Additionally, De LeefstijlStraat engages in knowledge development regarding the effective guidance of residents towards a better-perceived health. This includes knowledge development on long-term behavior change or the relationship between lifestyle and conditions such as Alzheimer’s or symptoms of depression. Collaboration takes place with various stakeholders in the region, such as universities, government bodies, healthcare organizations, and welfare organizations. De LeefstijlStraat aims to achieve health improvement for every resident in the region.

De Leefstijl Straat

Waanderweg 50
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