Zorg Innovatie Forum

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We are a dynamic network with innovative solutions for complex societal challenges.

You innovate together. With this in mind, the Healthcare Innovation Forum (ZIF) was founded in 2007. A forum for meeting, knowledge sharing and collaboration. The target? Structurally improve the quality of care in the broadest sense in the Northern Netherlands.

The power of a strong network

Started as a network for inspiration and knowledge sharing in healthcare. But over time, the ZIF also became increasingly involved in concrete project implementation on a wide range of themes. We are now a hybrid network and project organization in the North.

Examples of processes in which the ZIF has played an important role are: Platform Pouwer, Kans voor de Veenkoloniën, Vitaliteit Dichtbij, E-health Kenniswerkplaats and Baanbrekend Perspectief. We have a lot of experience as a process supervisor and program coordinator.In addition to striking project results, the ZIF network has grown significantly over the years and has become increasingly diverse in composition. In terms of content, we no longer focus solely on care, but on broader current social themes and issues that require attention. A reflection of this broader social orientation can be seen in the diversity of partners in our network.

Zorg Innovatie Forum

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Rene van der Most
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