VentureLab North

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VentureLab North empowers ideators to become entrepreneurs by helping them develop the right competences.

VentureLab North and HTRIC can help you develop the ideal competencies to turn your idea into a flourishing business.VentureLab North has been supporting early-stage startups and business development teams of SMEs since 2015. It often concerns innovative business ideas that still lack the knowledge or team to implement this idea. The program works with talent, entrepreneurship and innovation through training, coaching and networking.

VentureLab North is the most ambitious business accelerator for startups and existing companies in the Northern Netherlands. We support entrepreneurs to make their dreams into reality by:

  • Tailored 10-month business programs delivered by experts in your field
  • Interaction with the early adopters of your technology, product or service
  • Understanding the challenges to innovate and the steps to overcome key barriers
  • Gaining access to legal counseling to register your business in the Chamber of Commerce
  • Engaging with a network of local investors and global innovators
  • Developing strategies for the perfect product-market fit and customer experience
  • Inspiring you by your peers who carved their own success road map in entrepreneurship

VentureLab North

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