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The UMCG innovation center helps you to bring your idea to society

The Innovation Center together with HTRIC is the place to start and guide your innovation.  we help you to stablish estrategic connections with companies, draft your business case and advise you about patents.

Discover, innovate and finance
We are the starting point for developing and implementing healthcare innovations. By guiding individual applications, we have insight into common needs, thresholds and developments in the innovation process. we enlarge the societal impact of the UMCG and the HTRIC ecosystem by using our expertise, experience and extensive network.

Such an innovation could be all kinds of things: a new idea, product, service or concept. As long as it is innovative and contributes to a sustainable future of healthcare! We help during every stage of your innovation or collaboration, also when it is only still an idea. In fact: the sooner you come to us, the better!

The PPP Allowance (The Public-Private Partnership allowance) is bestowed upon the UMCG by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Health~Holland on an annual basis. Within the UMCG, it is coordinated by the UMCG Innovation Center through the PPP Allowance Program. The allowance can be applied to extend the goals of a joint project by adding experiments, personnel and/or consumables that can strengthen the success of the project and contribute to establish a long-term partnership with the company partner(s).

UMCG Research

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