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Idea and problem articulation

Explore detailed information about the Idea and problem articulation step of the innovation circle. Discover short articles, relevant websites, and downloadable hand-outs. Click the heart icon to save these components to your personal page.

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E-Learning How Artificial Intelligence Can Support Healthcare

During this e-learning you will understand real-life AI healthcare applications and their impact on healthcare.

Webinar 'Collaborations, NDAs and confidentiality'

In the webinar ‘Collaborations, NDAs and confidentiality’ patent attorney Henri van Kalkeren and attorney-at-law Annelies de Bosch Kemper explain how to work together on your innovation in a safe and responsible way.

Webinar for Internationals: Starting a business in the Netherlands



Webinar 'Patent database and research'

In the webinar Patent database and research, patent attorney Marijke Westra explains how you can use existing patent information for your innovation or business strategy.

Webinar: Registering a business in the Netherlands

Business Model Canvas

Start-up & Scale-up diagram Northern Netherlands