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Catalyzing Innovation and Entrepreneurial Success.

Groningen thrives as a hotbed of creative and technological innovation, thanks to its unique economic landscape. This ecosystem benefits immensely from the synergy between startups, SMEs, and various initiatives, all flourishing under the influence of Groningen’s youthful talent and supportive programs like StartupGRO, Startup Weekend Groningen and international missions like Slush and CES.

Aims and role of Founded in Groningen

Founded in Groningen aims to create a cohesive network that includes startups, entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, innovative SMEs, and corporates in Groningen. It serves as a platform to highlight local startup successes, introduce groundbreaking technologies developed in Groningen, and elevate the citys talent on both national and international stages. Everyone can explore innovation-focused events, discover job opportunities in the startup sector, or simply draw inspiration from the stories of Groningen’s talented individuals.

Apart from its role in connecting and communicating, Founded in Groningen also plays a crucial supportive part. The team engages with initiatives and companies, asking pivotal questions like, “What do you need to make this the best initiative or event possible? How can we assist?” Moreover, they aim to broaden the horizons of young and emerging entrepreneurs by organizing day tours to various clusters such as agritech, climatetech, digital, medtech, and security. These tours are designed to facilitate the recognition of relevant opportunities.

Explore and get inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of Groningen. Visit our events at Founded in Groningen Events and be a part of this exciting journey of innovation and growth.

Founded in Groningen


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