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We Stimulate, facilitate and connect

We are the Northern Netherlands Alliance (SNN): a partnership of the three northern provinces (Drenthe, Fryslan, Groningen) and the four largest cities (Assen, Emmen, Groningen, Leeuwarden) of the Northern Netherlands. We are committed to making the region even more beautiful. The Northern Netherlands wants to be an inspiring example of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe.

A united votice
We encourage, facilitate and connect ambitions focused on the development of the Northern Netherlands. In this regard, SNN cooperates with businesses, knowledge institutions, civil society organizations and other government agencies – both within the Netherlands and across borders.

We believe that everything starts with an idea. We help northern businesses to realize their innovative ideas. We distribute grants, facilitate cooperation and represent the northern interests in The Hague and Brussels. We are an agile and connecting organization. All our services are aimed at realizing societal and economic impact in the Northern Netherlands.

The Northern Netherlands Alliance fulfils several functions. We are an administrative organization through which the three provinces and the four large cities in the region coordinate their spatial planning and economic strategy. We are a Management Authority (MA) for the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). We are a united voice from the Northern Netherlands, representing the region in The Hague and Brussels. We are a network organization that enables businesses, knowledge institutes, regional authorities and civil society organizations to meet and combine their strengths to foster innovation – both in the Netherlands as well as in Europe.


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