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Accelerate your innovation with a subsidy

How do you find the subsidy that suits you? And are you sure you are not missing out on financing options? We have listed the most important subsidies in the field of sustainability, energy transition and healthy aging for you.

Project development, applying and managament

Meet all grant requirements with thorough preparation. Enablemi has been developing winning projects for 10+ years. Do you need partners in the process, or are you looking for suitable parties for a tender? Enablemi provides you with the right network.

Do you want to clarify the conditions and then write your application in an appealing way? Enablemi knows exactly how to do that. We translate the subsidy call into a clear list of requirements and work with you to write an application that convinces and wins.

Thanks to the thorough preliminary process, you know exactly where you stand during implementation. Of course, every project remains an adventure. Stay within the required timeframe while keeping all stakeholders on board. Under the guidance of Enablemi, it works.


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