Innovation Centre Connected Solutions

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We provide assistance in the application of communication technology in health innovations.

ICCS (Innovation centre connected solutions) provides testing facilities and expertise in the field of connectivity, for example 5G networks. Collaboration with ICCS and our partners can lead to new insights, innovative products, improved processes, or new services in the area of communication technology.  

Datatransmission and testing

In healthcare, numerous innovations require trustworthy data transmission, such as Health Apps delivering real-time user data to patients. Ensuring the connectivity of such apps demands reliability, speed, and the ability to handle necessary data volumes. ICCS steps in to address these challenges. 

How? Firstly, ICCS offers an extensive network of partners, including research institutes like TNO and telecom companies such as KPN or Vodafone Ziggo. Depending on your specific issue, we facilitate bringing your company in touch with relevant partners to collaboratively come up with innovative solutions.  

Secondly, our center provides a testing facility where startups and innovators can validate new communication technologies, for example 5G-networks. At our so-called connectivity lab, companies can test and validate the efficacy of their communication technology in a controlled environment, ensuring its suitability for real-world applications. 

In conclusion, if you’re working on challenges concerning the connectivity of a health innovation, we’re here to assist. Feel free to reach out to us!  

Innovation Centre Connected Solutions

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