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Expertise in optimizing digital health products for market compliance and user-centric design, ensuring innovations that people genuinely need and can use in regular digital healthcare environments.

dHealth Lab addresses the need to bring more digital health products to the market and enhance the potential of this industry. Their aim is to assist app developers in creating products that demonstrably function in a regular digital healthcare setting, aligning with market requirements.
Many solutions developed end up going unused, treated as consumer electronics, or are only adopted by a limited number of users. dHealth Lab’s process is oriented towards realizing innovations that people genuinely anticipate and can use, whether they are patients, healthcare professionals, or IT specialists.

Pushing digital boundaries

dHealth Development Platform is expanding its offerings to address industry challenges by providing entrepreneurs with the tools to optimize the IT aspects of innovative dHealth products for seamless integration into formal healthcare.

This expansion includes developing a data generator for synthetic data, upgrading workspaces to the Virtual Research Environment (VRE), and extending their toolbox with tools supporting standards compliance, AI calculations, structured data for Big Data applications, testing tools, authentication methods, support for Personal Health Record (PGO) modules, and platform support within healthcare institutions.

Moreover, dHealth is creating a specialized annotation program to classify data for efficient use in AI training, enhancing the potential for data reuse and value creation.


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