"We are HTRIC" kick-off


On Friday 17 June 2022 HTRIC managed to throw one of the most exciting events of this summer at the Forum in Groningen: the “we are HTRIC” kick-off. The turnout was overwhelming. More than 250 people out of the health technology field came together to kick—off more healthy years of life.

‘Switch it on’

HTRIC is already working for more than half a year to become ‘the platform’ in the North of the Netherlands for health technology, but today was the day to celebrate our existence. The tone of the day was set when the Scientific Directors of HTRIC Hélder Santos & Marleen Kamperman told us their wishes for the day and with a press of our Research Talent Award winners on the button for the activation of HTRIC, the day officially started. The main goal of today: ‘Networking and taking the next step in more healthy years of life’.

Ready for camera?

It was time to start the parallel sessions of the day. In the different camera rooms with a cinema setting, started sessions about replacement & improvement in the human body, molecular imaging, sensing and monitoring, while gezondheidstechnologie in de eigen leefomgeving (dutch session) recorded a live podcast with room for questions. Different speakers shared some of the great developments that are underway to improve people’s quality of life.

Innovation Booster Workshops

Lunchtime provided another enjoyable yet valuable opportunity to talk about the current innovations in health technology and make new connections. With a successful run-up of different Innovation Boosters until the kick-off, we couldn’t let the chance go by to make sure there were multiple workshops as a continuation of the boosters. With ten different subjects from Serious Gaming in Health to Artificial Limbs and [much more] the programme was completely filled. The diversity among the crowd of the workshops was quite impressive, with people from different backgrounds, work fields and both research and business.

More healthy years of life

Before everyone had a drink on the terrace of the Forum, there was a plenary closing. We looked back on a successful day, our PhD Research Call winners and the answer to one of the most important questions of the day: ‘What can HTRIC do for you?’ HTRIC is becoming the platform for health technology in the North Netherlands. Today had all been set off on a big journey toward changing the future of healthcare and making a difference for the people around us. Everyone must have felt how HTRIC is ready to unite the strengths to enable more years of great health for those who need it.

We want to thank all the people who made this day a great success, and we are ready for more healthy years of life!