Meet the HTRIC research talents of 2021


There were many talented young researchers at this year’s Research Meetup on 1 October. Several of them joined the poster competition and talked about what could possibly be the next best trend or invention in health technology. But only two researchers could be the winners of the competition…

Aldona Mzyk had the honour of winning the jury award with her research on Diamond Endoscopy – a clinical application of the nanodiamond magnetometry. The jury praised her research for its originality and potential impact, while complimenting her performance, presentation and poster design. View Aldona’s poster in PDF

Alina Sigaeva received the audience prize for her research on Diamond NanoMRI for drug discovery & precision medicine. The jury later admitted that her presentation was a runner-up on their list. View Alina’s poster in PDF

HTRIC congratulates both researchers on their fantastic work and contribution to the field of health technology.