Discover the World of Health Technology - HTRIC Annual event 2023


On Friday 16 June 2022 HTRIC managed to throw one of the most exciting events of this summer at the Martiniplaza in Groningen: Discover the World of Health Technology. The turnout was overwhelming. More than 250 people out of the health technology field came together unlock the next door in healthcare.

‘Building the future of healthcare together by connecting today’

HTRIC is already working for more than a year to become ‘the platform’ in the Northern Netherlands for health technology, but today was the day to take the next step. The tone of the day was set when the Scientific Directors of HTRIC Hélder Santos & Marleen Kamperman told us about HTRIC’s achievements last year and we took a look at the future of HTRIC. Because everyone can be part of HTRIC, after all, we are building the future of healthcare together. Therefore the main goal of today is ‘building the future of healthcare together by connecting today’.

Ready for a new world?

It was time to start the first parallel sessions of the day. With ‘cancer’ as a main topic in both sessions. Revolutionising developments within the field of cancer treatment were shown and how these innovations can make an impact in the lives of citizens, patients and medical professionals.

Dive into a Lab

Lunchtime provided another enjoyable yet valuable opportunity to talk about the current innovations in health technology and offered a chance to find an answer to your question at the HTRIC Marketplace. While we are unlocking the next door in healthcare today, we couldn’t let the chance go by to make sure there were multiple labs to connect in different fields. With 4 different subjects from start-ups and disparities in healthcare to digital future and AI the programme was completely filled. The diversity among the crowd of the sessions was quite impressive, with people from different backgrounds, work fields and both research and business.

More healthy years of life

Before everyone had a drink, there was a plenary closing. We looked back on a successful day, with two impressive presentations on how health technology is a major asset in people their lives. Today has been the start of the next step in the future of healthcare and making a difference for the people around us. Everyone must have felt how HTRIC is ready to unite its strengths to enable more years of great health for those who need it.

We want to thank all the people who made this day a great success, and we are ready for more healthy years of life!