HTRIC innovation project Open Diagnostics proves need and value


From plan to successful project: it is a road with ups and downs, a mission that calls for tenacity. The Open Diagnostics Ecosystem (ODE) is such a project that has been developed from drawing table to reality by the LIFE Cooperative on and around Campus Groningen the last years. The goal of ODE is to turn the Northern Netherlands into a global expert in the development of innovative diagnostics.

The ODE Open Diagnostics Ecosystem offers access to a network of companies, knowledge institutions, healthcare partners and open innovation facilities that use their knowledge and abilities to develop new techniques for making medical diagnoses. How is ODE doing and what are the plans for the upcoming years? Ton Vries, director of ODE and board member of the LIFE Cooperative: “The value and need for ODE has proven itself straight away in this year in the first project with Detact Diagnostics. This flying and instructive start makes us want more.”