Research-Meet up: Exploring research possibilities with Lifelines

How can we grow older healthier? Why does one person stay healthy, and another become ill in their lifetime? An important part of the questions can only be answered with scientific research. And that is exactly why Lifelines exists: to enable scientific research into healthier aging.  

Lifelines collects health data of many individuals, and researchers typically use this data for their research, but both FSE and Lifelines are interested in broadening the scope towards:

  • Population data and bio-samples (10% Northern inhabitants)
  • Large data collection, structure, and synthetic data
  • Complex statistics and machine learning techniques
  • Low-temperature robotics, cooling, and material science
  • Pathologies and effective use of medicine (linkage to other data sources)
  • Fast and (cost)efficient access to data and bio-samples


From HTRIC, the FSE-Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health Hub and Lifelines would like to invite you for a research Meet-Up to explore how much and what kind of interest there exist in to work with the Lifelines data and biobank, to study (public) health perspectives in a broad context. We warmly invite you to join us in the automated freezer facility of Lifelines, called the “Lifestore”. 

Researchers within the lifelines community that are already using the data and biobank, will share their experience and their projects for inspiration. Furthermore, we will discuss over:

  • Big Data and real world evidence
  • Biomarkers in Health and Disease
  • Material Science + Lifestore freezer farm tour.


This event is organised for researchers at the FSE.

April 16, 2024



Lifestore Location Lifelines

Jeverweg 3A
9723 JE
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