HTRIC Workshop: Responsible Innovation with Animal Experiments

Innovation Wednesday

Join HTRIC’s two-hour workshop, “Responsible Innovation in Animal Experimentation,” focusing on ethical and legal considerations in in vivo research. The session kicks off with an examination of ethical and legal practices related to animal experiments. In diverse teams, participants will work with randomly assigned animal species and critically analyze the ethical aspects of their models. To further enhance practical application, a series of “mock-up experiments” specifically created for this workshop will be applied. Groups will defend their models, taking into account scientific rationale, ethical considerations, and social dimensions to minimize harm while achieving technical innovations in their projects. The workshop concludes with presentations of the teams’ findings.

Featuring Luna van Dijk (Applied Ethicist) discussing the implications of ethical animal experiments across professions, emphasizing alignment with societal values and responsible innovation. Francisco Martinez Garcia (Veterinarian in Lab Animal Science) provides insights on translating ideas into action for animal experiments.

This workshop is useful not just for researchers but for professionals across various health technology disciplines, providing a shared understanding of ethical considerations crucial for responsible innovation.

January 31, 2024



House of Connections

Grote Markt 21
9712 HR
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Dr. Francisco Drusso Martinez Garcia

Luna van Dijk

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