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Ready to play an innovation boardgame or develop a new course?

HTRIC on Tour is a special series in which HTRIC transforms into a place to be inspired, meet, and connect. Each tour event has a different theme: innovation, education, research etc. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with interesting topics and a different perspective on the health technology ecosystem in the Northern Netherlands.

Education and innovation go hand-in-hand during the HTRIC on Tour event on April 17. In a relaxed atmosphere, you can learn and discuss how you would like to see HTRIC applied to our ecosystem. This can be playful (in terms of a serious game) or within educational modules. We hope you can work together to learn different ways, get new insights and stimulate educational collaborations within our ecosystem.

Break-out 1: Innovation board game
This session offers an opportunity to learn about innovation differently, providing participants with new interactive and playful ways of health technology education. Together with our host, Jurgen Bos, you will play in groups of six a board game. During this game, you will make an ‘innovation journey’. You can win the game by answering questions, making choices, cooperating, and communicating as a team.

Break-out 2: Brainstorm about a HTRIC course
Our ecosystem already offers fantastic courses on different levels of health technology innovation. This session is designed to share insights and develop ways to add HTRIC to (existing) courses by providing an applied experience that encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for health technology innovation. Therefore, this brainstorm is to develop a new HTRIC course with the other participants. Our host, Fons van Mieghem, uses the power of brainstorming to guide you through this design process. During this brainstorm you will work together with education professionals to come up with the answer to the question: How would a HTRIC Course look like? At the end of this session, you will have a broader insight into the power of brainstorming, the value that HTRIC brings in the landscape of education and a connection with fellow education professionals.

13:30h: Walk-in
13:50h: Introduction
14:00h: Break-out
16:00h: Drinks

April 17, 2024



Space Werkcafé

Blauwborgje 31
9747 AW
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