Combatting cancer: How innovation actors are changing the landscape

How innovation actors are changing the landscape

The Observatory on Patents and Technology at the European Patent Office (EPO) is delighted to invite you to the online event “Combatting cancer: how innovation actors are changing the landscape”. In a world increasingly driven by technological momentum and the commitment of governments to combat global public health issues, it is essential to understand how the innovation landscape is evolving to fight cancer. The EPO has a mission to disseminate the technological know-how disclosed in patents, including those which protect new solutions in cancer treatment and diagnostics.

Based on a thorough analysis of technological trends spanning a 50-year period, the EPO will present the key trends in cancer-fighting innovation and explore questions such as: Is the traditional innovation ecosystem undergoing a shift? And how do universities, public research organisations and startups, as well as large corporations, contribute to the development of cancer-fighting technologies? As we navigate this complex terrain, leaders in their field will share their insights on international technology trends, new business models and European policymaking.

This session will offer in-depth analysis of patent data and an introduction to tools for pinpointing relevant technical information. To facilitate the identification of cutting-edge cancer-fighting technologies in global patent databases, a new Espacenet tool developed specifically for the scientific community, in close collaboration with several European National Patent Offices, will be introduced. Additionally, considering patents as a crucial asset for economic actors seeking investments, especially in the health sector, our Deep Tech Finder, updated with new filters, will enable the search for start-ups specialized in cancer-fighting technology in Europe.


European Patent Office

February 1, 2024




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