EIT Health Summit

17th April – Innovation Tour

EIT Health Belgium-Netherlands, the host of the EIT Health Summit, is organising an exclusive innovation tour for participants arriving on 17 April. This tour is designed to provide participants with an immersive experience of the forefront of health innovation in the Netherlands. The tour will be led by EIT Health Partners from the region, offering participants a first-hand look at change-making initiatives and time to make new contacts. Further details regarding t

he tour will be announced shortly.

18th – 19th April – EIT Health Summit

The EIT Health Summit 2024 will revolve around a central theme: “Take Action to Create Change.” To move the dial from thinking to doing and create long-lasting impact in healthcare, a strong change management strategy is needed. As such, our engaging keynote speakers, breakout sessions, workshops, and panel discussions will focus on four topics critical to enabling transformation:

  • Embracing technology: Transforming the healthcare workforce.
  • Harmonising innovation to improve the delivery of healthcare
  • Harnessing the future with sustainable systems.
  • Collaboration: Powering improvement and widening access.

Read on to find out more about the EIT Health Summit 2024 themes relating to change management.

Embracing technology: Transforming the healthcare workforce

Whether it’s asking healthcare professionals to adopt cultural changes, upskill themselves with digital health education programmes, or champion technology, real change happens when people are involved in the decisions and activities that directly affect them. With a good change management strategy that includes engagement, communication, and education, the healthcare industry can fully leverage the available technology to transform health delivery.

Harmonising innovation to improve the delivery of healthcare

For successful digital transformation we must focus on regulatory compliance, build strong digital foundations, ensure interoperability between legacy and new data systems, and empower our teams to bridge the gap between business-minded executives and frontline clinicians. Though change is difficult in healthcare, innovation through digital readiness, cross-functional collaboration, start-up partnerships, and technical integration promises tremendous benefits.

Harnessing the future with sustainable systems

Tackling advancing health challenges, such as ageing populations and multi-morbidity, requires resilient systems.
Circular economy models that promote resource management and waste reduction, and innovative funding approaches including public-private partnerships and value-based payment system can provide long-term funding revenue streams that support sustainability initiatives.

Collaboration: Powering improvement and widening access

The healthcare industry is constantly changing, and adapting to the challenges and opportunities that arise requires collaboration, commitment and a shared vision. Public-Private Partnerships and joint ventures are best placed to drive innovations that will improve patient-centred care, advance digital health solutions, and address healthcare disparities.

18th April – Networking Dinner

Enhance your Summit experience by attending the networking dinner on the first day. An exclusive gathering where you can forge valuable connections, share ideas and establish collaborations within the dynamic EIT Health community.


EIT Health

April 17, 2024



Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre, WTC Rotterdam

Beursplein 37, Meent 110
3011 AA

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