NHL Stenden

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NHL Stenden is involved in education and practice-oriented research in various ways to contribute to innovation in healthcare. For example with VR and simulation education in the healthcare and welfare courses.

NHL Stenden’s role and contribution

At NHL Stenden, researchers, teachers and students work closely with the professional field. The research at NHL is about developing applicable knowledge around current social issues. They do this in the area of ​​three focal points: the viability and future of the regions where our campuses are located (Vital Regions), the accelerated development in production and entrepreneurship (Smart Sustainable Industries) and the growth and challenges within the service sector (Service Economy).

NHL Stenden contributes to networks such as HEALTH Noord, AndersWerken in de Zorg, FAITH, PGO-NN and Hi! North. This addresses a number of fixed themes that are relevant within the health technology ecosystem: data-driven care, implementation issues, collaboration with entrepreneurs and dealing with (low) digital health skills among care recipients.

NHL Stenden

Rengerslaan 8-10
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Peter Mulder
088 991 7000

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