Faculty of Science and Engineering

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The Faculty of Science and Engineering harbours a kaleidoscope of disciplines to boost health technology

The faculty of science and engineering (FSE) supported by HTRIC connects scientist, industry and students to develop solutions for more healthy years.
Our researchers pursue fundamental key questions while collaborating with partners from industry, the medical world and other realms of society. Frontline research groups explore topical fields such as sustainable energy use.

Having an idea in the drawer is a common problem that multiple companies and researchers experience. In the FSE and with HTRIC, we help you articulate your idea and find an optimal solution with a strong engineering background.In the FSE, you can find ideal facilities and equipment to boost your research and gather scientists to bridge fundamental and translational medical applications. The FSE uses the HTRIC cluster to collaborate with industry to lead innovation for societal applications.As a student, the FSE and HTRIC offer an extensive range of internships combined with companies and start-ups from the north Netherlands.

Faculty of Science and Engineering

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