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HTRIC connects research, health technology and clinical practice for more healthy years of life

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Technological innovations are essential when it comes to achieving more healthy years of life. If we want to keep healthcare manageable in the future, the contribution of technological innovations and the cooperation between clinical practice and technology are an absolute must. Together these can lead to fewer invasive procedures, faster recovery and earlier detection. A lot of this technology is already being developed, however too often the solutions do not reach the patient, or they do so too late.

As a connector within a fragmented landscape, HTRIC brings people and domains together. Whether you are a clinical practitioner, researcher, student or executive… You will find the amplifier of our collective innovation force within HTRIC!

So, how can HTRIC help you? Please tell us about your question or request, and we will put you in touch with an expert on our team.

Supporters of HTRIC

Upcoming events



9th Dutch Conference on Biomedical Engineering

HTRIC’s partner SPRINT will host the 9th Dutch Conference on Biomedical Engineering on 27 and 28 January 2022.

Register and find out more on their website



We are HTRIC kick-off event

Join us for a day of learning and connecting at our ‘We are HTRIC’ kick-off event. Our goal is to build connections between researchers, businesses, clinicians, and other members of the community in pursuit of new innovations for more healthy years of life.

Further programme information and registration will follow soon.



From plan to successful project: it is a road with ups and downs, a mission that calls for tenacity. The Open Diagnostics Ecosystem (ODE) is such a project that has been developed from drawing table to reality by the LIFE Cooperative on and around Campus Groningen the last years.

Isabella Bazuin



Aldona Mzyk and Alina Sigaeva received the HTRIC talent awards for their research on nanodiamonds at the Research Meetup on 1 October.

Isabella Bazuin


Projects with impact

AccelMed North

AccelMed North builds MedTech Business in the Northern Netherlands by organising sustainable, effective, objective and accessible connections between idea owners and high-quality regional knowledge and expertise to make good MedTech ideas investable.

Developing medical technology

Living Lab Newborn

Living Lab Newborn is a test environment for devices that contribute to the health and well-being of mothers and their children. Newborn has a unique environment available to test innovative products in real-time.

Providing real-life testing environment


Move2Innovate is a testing ground where companies can test and validate their new products at the intersection of health and exercise. This initiative helps accelerate the innovation processes and strengthen new products with medically validated data.

Building replacements and improvements for the human body