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HTRIC connects research, health technology and clinical practice for more healthy years

Health Technology for more healthy years

Technological innovations are essential when it comes to more healthy years. The challenges in healthcare are substantial. If we want to keep healthcare manageable in the future, the contribution of technological innovations and the cooperation between clinical practice and technology are an absolute must. Together these can lead to fewer invasive procedures, faster recovery and earlier detection. A lot of this technology is already being developed, however too often the solutions do not reach the patient, or they do so too late. As a connector within a fragmented landscape, HTRIC brings people and domains together. HTRIC makes sure that world-class research actually will contribute to people’s health. Whether you work for a company, study at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences or are a PhD student at the RUG… You will find the amplifier of our collective innovation force within HTRIC!

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Upcoming events



HTRIC Research Meetup

Join us on October 1st for the HTRIC Research Meet-up. The program kicks off with a keynote by Prof. Hélder A. Santos, followed by theme sessions about the HTRIC research themes and workshops regarding new Health Technology. Furthermore we will announce shared PhD positions.



HTRIC opening ceremony

HTRIC will officially launch on March 4th 2022. Register now and be the first to know all about the opening ceremony.


14-09-2021 | Hélder Santos keynote speaker at Research meetup

Hélder Santos is confirmed as the keynote speaker for the HTRIC Research meetup of October 1st. Prof. Santos (D.Sc. Tech., Chem. Eng.) is a Full Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Groningen/ University Medical Center Groningen, and Research Director of the Nanomedicines and Biomedical Engineering Lab, Faculty of Pharmacy, at the University of Helsinki. 

01-08-2021 | Proposition paper HTRIC

HTRIC has launched its proposition paper. In our paper we describe our mission and vision, as well as our programmes and development in the coming years. Click to read more about the proposition of HTRIC.

Projects with impact

Leading role in optical imaging

Optical imaging through the use of tumor-specific fluorescent-labelled probes.

3D Technology

Working smarter and more precise with 3D visualisation

New Targets in Photopharmacology

Solve the problem of off-target activity and resolve side effects through medicine activation controlled by light.