HTRIC Onderzoeksprijs winnaars


As of 2022, we are offering four opportunities for interdisciplinary cross-border research in health technology and innovation. After careful consideration, our committee has selected the four best proposals.

We would like to congratulate the following winners:

  • Prof. dr. Raffaella Carloni and Prof. dr. Han Houdijk
  • Prof. dr. Wouter Nagengast and Dr. Pieter van der Zaag
  • Prof. dr. Marleen Kamperman and Dr. Simon D. Pouwels
  • Prof. dr. Geert van den Boogaart, Prof. dr. Romana Schirhagl and dr. Hjalmar Bouma

Each research project will be conducted by a PhD student and supervised by the experts above, from both Faculty of Science and Engineering – University of Groningen and UMCG.

Curious about their projects? Watch the video to find out more about the projects!

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