In the North of the Netherlands there is a complete ecosystem for start-up support. The players mentioned here are also HTRIC

Start-up support

The start up support ecosystem in the North has many players, don't hesitate to approach them for specific questions!

Founded in Groningen

Promoting, supporting and connecting entrepreneurs and initiatives from Groningen.

Venture Lab

The most ambitious business accelerator for startups and existing companies in the Northern Netherlands.


Within the NOM (Northern Development Agency), the Life Science & Health/MedTech team is ready for start-ups in the Northern Netherlands in the broadest sense of the word.
You can contact our specialists for questions and support in areas such as product development, market validation or financing.
We are happy to help you in the growth and development of your company.

Founded in Friesland

We are there for entrepreneurial talent, startups and scale-ups. Together we are building a sustainable future. We offer support from start to growth. With high-quality start-up programs we provide knowledge, inspiration and connections with the right partners.

RUG ventures

RUG Ventures is an early stage investment company. We guide students and researchers with brilliant ideas from the very first step onwards in the process of creating successful companies that add value to society.


Dream big and make it happen.
the courage to start; together.

Business Generator Groningen

Business Generator Groningen supports researchers from the RUG and the UMCG in marketing their research. 

We do this in cooperation with our partners within the innovation ecosystem. Together we enhance the impact of scientific research on society.

AccelMed North

AccelMed North BV, founded in May 2020 and based in Groningen, operates as the Northern MedTech knowledge platform and brings parties together to share knowledge in the early phase of developing an idea. AccelMed North B.V. hires the knowledge partners for the input of knowledge, support, advise and expertise.


Do you own an early stage or fast growing startup in the Netherlands? The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) offers special funding, a strong national network, and personal advice specifically for innovative startups.
If your company is not based in the Netherlands yet, please find more information via the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Netherlands Point of Entry (mainly for entrepreneurs outside of Europe) or Welcome to NL.

Economic Board Groningen

Economic Board Groningen brings entrepreneurs, education and government together to work on economic strengthening of the province of Groningen. We are joining forces with our sleeves rolled up and with Groningen sobriety we profile the province beyond our regional borders. We are the implementing organization for economic programs in Groningen.

Groningen Investment Fund

Investeringsfonds Groningen (Groningen Investment Fund, IFG) invests in investment funds that invest their capital in small and medium-sized businesses in the province of Groningen. Based on this Fund-in-Fund principle, two types of return are sought: financial return and social return.

Wanted: researchers to build a business

We are the Faculty of Impact of the Netherlands. Our work: turn science into impact. We do that by supporting promising researchers of Dutch research institutes with a two year fellowship. Two years to turn breakthrough research into a business. But not just any business, for us it’s about a business with big impact. And for the record: a non-profit is a business too.

Campus Community Fund

Investing together in one ecosystem to achieve more impact. That is why a Campus Community Fund is important.

Your contact is Ronald Hesse.


GroBusiness is an initiative of Economic Board Groningen, financed by the province of Groningen and the National Program Groningen.

Our team consists of (former) entrepreneurs, the self-employed and consultants with business experience. We know what entrepreneurial life looks like and understand the challenges you face. Together with a suitcase full of tools and a network full of specialists, we help enterprising Groningen one step further.


Entrepreneurship is taking steps

We help you with information, tools and personal advice. So that things run smoothly, now and in the future.

Helps you find a grant quickly and easily

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