Meryl Vilangattil

Development of 18F-labeled FAPI (fibroblast-activating protein inhibitor) for positron emission tomography of cancer and inflammation.

With Prof. Dr. Philip H. Elsinga (UMCG) and Prof. Dr. Ben L. Feringa (FSE).

After finishing my master’s degree in Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, I worked as a Research Associate (Radiochemist) at University of California, Los Angeles. I will be starting my HTRIC PhD project in November 2023. The primary objective of my research is the development of a novel radiopharmaceutical for imaging of Fibroblast Activation Protein (FAP) which is overexpressed in various cancers. Research in this field is making continuous strides against cancer and I hope to contribute to it by incorporating novel technologies towards improvement in diagnosis of the disease which will help improve prognosis and standard of living in cancer patients.

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