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In pursuit of adding more healthy years to people’s lives, HTRIC works on various projects with partners in the Northern Netherlands. Below is an overview of the health technology and innovation projects we are currently working on.

AccelMed North

AccelMed North builds MedTech Business in the Northern Netherlands by organising sustainable, effective, objective and accessible connections between idea owners and high-quality regional knowledge and expertise to make good MedTech ideas investable.

Developing medical technology

Living Lab Newborn

Living Lab Newborn is a test environment for devices that contribute to the health and well-being of mothers and their children. Newborn has a unique environment available to test innovative products in real-time.

Providing real-life testing environment


Move2Innovate is a testing ground where companies can test and validate their new products at the intersection of health and exercise. This initiative helps accelerate the innovation processes and strengthen new products with medically validated data.

Building replacements and improvements for the human body

Northern Netherlands AI hub

The Northern Netherlands AI hub focuses on developing artificial intelligence applications for healthcare and other sectors. It fits in with existing ecosystems in the northern Netherlands and initiates cross-sector AI projects, driven by the needs of businesses in various sectors.

Designing artifical intelligence applications

Open Diagnostics

The Open Diagnostics Ecosystem is an initiative by LIFE Cooperative that will turn the Northern Netherlands into a global expert in the development of diagnostics. Open Diagnostics gives access to knowledge, a strong network, and research & development facilities within the diagnostics ecosystem.

Developing diagnostics


dHealth develops and markets digital healthcare innovations by means of consultancy, software and lab facilities. dHealth makes the crossover between ICT and healthcare and breaks down barriers between entrepreneurs and the healthcare market.

Creating digital healthcare innovations

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