From Blueprint to Bedside: The impact of decision making on medical product development.

Curious how to go from an idea to market and beyond?

During this workshop, you will play a serious game designed with a mock-up case. You will face all the different phases of medical product development in which HTRIC can support you. Divided into groups of 4-5 people, you will make decisions in five rounds, covering non-clinical and clinical stages.

Each group will develop the same medical product, facing choices that impact the cost, quality, and time needed to bring it to patients. The workshop aims to show how every decision matters and participants will learn to balance strategic decisions, regulations, and the goal of delivering safe and effective products. The facilitators, Ryan D’Souza and Vincent Cloostermans from Baat Medical, and Tjerk Zult from Avania Clinical, will share insights and examples to complement the game scenarios. At the end of the workshop, there is space to discuss your case with our experts and gain some advice.

By attending, you will:

  • Practice decision-making in medical product development
  • Understand how choices affect costs, quality, and time
  • Learn to balance regulations and business objectives
  • Discover the benefits of partnering with experienced providers
  • Network with professionals and share best practices

So do you want to learn what it takes to bring a product to the market and be successful on the market? Join the upcoming workshop on Wednesday 12 June!

Win the HTRIC Starter Pack
Do you want to win an HTRIC starter pack to boost your start-up? Including a corporate design (logo, fonts, colours), concept sheets and basic sheets. You can win this unique starter pack by joining this event. During this workshop, a draw will be held to determine the lucky winner of the starter pack*.

*For the starter pack to be raffled, a minimum of 15 participants must be present during the workshop.

The HTRIC Pipeline
In this ecosystem, HTRIC is there to support you all the way. To give you a better insight into where we support, we have created a pipeline from idea to market. Within every step of this pipeline, HTRIC can support you.

June 12, 2024



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