Educational programmes

HTRIC is involved in various educational programmes in health science and technology at the University of Groningen, as well as internships for students of Technical Medicine at the University of Groningen Medical Center (UMCG). Below is an overview of our current bachelor and master programmes.

BSc in Biomedical Engineering

Would you like to improve healthcare by developing and applying new technologies? To decrease the number of patients through preventive technology? Or to find safer solutions to treat patients?

MSc in Biomedical Engineering

MSc Biomedical Engineering offers you the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge on a broad-range of topics within the field of medical device (design) and state-of-the-art health technology.

BSc in Life Science and Technology

Can we generate new organs from cells? How do biological molecules such as proteins and DNA work? Do you wonder to what extent it is possible to produce better medicine, enzymes or food using biotechnology?

MSc in Biomedical Sciences

What causes disease? What are the (epi)genetic background of disorders? How do microorganisms in the intestine contribute to health and disease? What are the underlying mechanisms.

BSc in Human Movement Sciences

How do you recognise talent in athletes? Can you still learn to walk after being paralyzed? What happens in the brain when you are cutting tomatoes? Can children learn better while they move? 

MSc in Human Movement Sciences

How does the nervous system control voluntary movement? What are the benefits of exercise? And are these things the same for all people? Find out in this programme.

MSc in Sport Sciences

How can you identify the top athletes of the future? How do you optimise athletic performance and prevent injuries? What influence does physical activity have on a child’s development? How do people use vision to control their actions?

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