In the north of the Netherlands there are many cooperations and ecosystems established on specific subjects.

Cooperations and ecosystems

Working together can accelerate your plans

With so many cooperations, ecosystems and other initiatives it is easy to loose oversigh. HTRIC tries to help you find your way.

Participating in these cooperations may help you to get access to information, expertise and joint subsidies.

Personalized implants ecosystem

Joint expertise in the optimization of materials, production and processes for patient-specific solutions.

Program manager Elena Merlo can help you if you are looking for contacts in the Personalized implants ecosystem.

+31 (0)6 – 256 50 551   


Life Cooperative

n order to influence policy makers of regional governments, institutes and to strenghten the sector in de Northern Netherlands, Life Science and Medical Technology SMEs in the Northern part of the Netherlands are uniting in the LIFE Cooperative.

The cooperative develops solutions to meet shared challenges. Collective training, combined purchasing of laboratory equipment and materials, and shared visits to international fairs and congresses are some of the current examples of efficiency measures.

Together, the cooperative SMEs developed research-, development- and supply-chains that result in efficient innovations, i.e. in the field biomarker validation, biomaterial development and 3D imaging and printing

PCH ecosysteem

PCH is an open innovation system in which it is the intention to initiate and implement innovative projects with SMEs and start-ups.

Phone +31 (0)50 – 361 00 55


Hi!Noord will start with a portfolio of eight projects. Each project is aimed at removing a barrier or exploiting an opportunity towards a new, sustainable ecosystem in the Northern Netherlands. Together they meet the needs of the communities and support them in increasing their impact on/in the Northern Netherlands health landscape.

Open Diagnostics Ecosysteem


Open Diagnostics gives access to knowledge, a strong network, and research & development facilities within the diagnostics ecosystem.

Data Science in Health (DASH)

DASH is the University Medical Center Groningen’s Data Science Center in Health; a knowledge hub, community, and facilitator in the field of health data science. DASH offers synergetic support to research, education and implementation in the field of data science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and eHealth, integrating these activities into the DNA of the UMCG.